Have you heard about essential oils? These are strong aromatic and fragrant oils extracted from various plants, each with a unique set of uses and benefits. The familiar smell of a blooming rose or the distinct odor of cedar wood are made possible by the fragrant essential oils hidden deep within those plants.

Characterizing these oils as “essential” is not meant to define them as somehow indispensable or required to bring about a certain end result, but rather “essential” in that they contain the essence of characteristic fragrances – many of which are quite familiar to all of us. Pleasantly fragrant, it is not hard to understand why so many perfumes, soaps, incense, cleaning products, and flavor enhancers obtain their scent or taste from essential oils.  However, many might easily overlook the hidden wellness and therapeutic benefits derived from essential oils.

Many aches and pains may be eased with the topical application of certain essential oil blends. The stresses and anxieties of everyday life may melt away by diffusing other essential oil blends.  Essential oils may stimulate hair growth, soothe allergic reactions, or boost bodily immunity systems.  This is only the tip of the iceberg and the possibilities are endless.

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